Join the Revolution

Food Cycles Bicycle Tour is all about healthful, sustainable modes of transportation and good, local eating.

You can join us today by pedaling to work, or planting some herbs in the window box of your apartment. Start enjoying life at your farmer's market or in the bike lane.

We need some help getting the word out! Start with this easy to-do list:
  • "Like" Food Cycles Bicycle Tour on Facebook
  • Donate! See the main page for our Paypal link.
  • Host us along the route! Email us to find out if we're going through your town.
  • Connect us with sustainable food and transportation movements in your area! We are looking for places to stop and give our blog talks - churches, businesses, schools, granges, community groups, etc. 
  • Check out our Wish List for tangible items that we can use!
 Thank you for your actions large and small.

"We don't just vote with our forks. We vote for the kind of world we want every time we choose what to eat." - Alice Waters