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Grants and Resources for Food Gardens

A community or school garden can be a great asset to your neighborhood. They are a free source of nutritious food, they provide fun, education and exercise, and they bring people and resources together than you might have never known you had. 
Anyone can start a garden - even if you don't have any land. Be creative and ask people who do.
The nice thing about growing vegetables is it's pretty cheap. You can grow plants in just about any type of container, or right in the ground. You'll need a steady source of water and figure out who's willing to pay the bill. Beyond that, get creative. If you're planning on growing food for the community, many businesses and organizations will be happy to support you. Seed companies and nurseries may donate their extra seeds and starts (contact us for some names if you need help with the seed aspect). Other organizations (rare fruit growers, gardening societies, food banks, home improvement/hardware stores) will also have resources to help. Put the word out in your communities and see what happens. 
If you are a member of a church or a non-profit organization, you can apply for some grant funding that will help you launch or sustain your garden. The list below is just a beginning of the available grant funds. If you're not a member of such an organization, you can still raise funds and materials - remember, it doesn't hurt to ask!

Gardening How-To Resources

The internet is a tangled weed nest of gardening information. Here are a few of our favorite websites that give useful, easy-to-follow guides to getting your food garden started.

Gardening Grants

For youth/schools:

For the rest of us:
Home Depot Community Impact Grants (for gardens that will serve veterans)

Find other gardens in your area:

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