Who Are We?

The Riders

Tuula, 26, delivers salty Oregon crunch with flowery afternotes. Best served with duck, she is a graduate of the University of Oregon in Eugene, where she majored in journalism and environmental studies. Her pursuit of the perfect sustainable food system has brought her to south India, Vancouver Island, and back to Oregon, where she has worked at various organic and educational farms. She has worked and volunteered for the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition and maintains a blog about her adventures in food at tuulips.wordpress.com. She's a Gemini.

Hannah, 25, is a peppery Scorpio with a soft inner core. Best served with lots of butter, she grew up in Brainerd, Minnesota, where she helped launch The Farm on St. Mathias, one of the first local vegetable farms in the sea of corn. She attended Central Lakes College before heading out west to see what real coffee tastes like. An avid biker and bicycle advocate since the age of 11, she decided at 18 to take a cross-country tour and has been plotting ever since. In addition to farming and slinging java at a local coffee shop, Hannah is seriously dedicated to music and art.

We met while working on a crab fishing boat in January 2010.

But that's another story for another time.
Sharing a car, a cat named Silvia and a home has allowed us to combine our two great strengths: Biking long distances and preparing a feast to devour at the end of the day.

The Noble Steeds

Cynthia is a Trek 520 touring bicycle, one of the last of this model to be built in the US of A (in 2007). She enjoys hauling produce with Tuula, a good chain lube, cruising along the coast, and being ridden with no hands.

Edith is also a Trek 520; Cynthia's younger sister in Hannah's favorite shade of burnt orange. Her favorite thing to do is scare pedestrians as she flies along the bike path along the Willamette River in Eugene, pretending it's the Tour de France.