So many people have inspired us, directly and indirectly, to undertake this crazy adventure.

Tuula: When my mom was a kid growing up in Berlin just after WWII, she hitchhiked out to the country on the weekends to work in horse stables in exchange for riding time. When she was 22, she moved to Arizona, sight unseen, alone, and speaking very little English. Now, almost 40 years later, she has accomplished her dream of owning her own horse ranch. Every time I do something that absolutely scares me, I think of Dorothea. Mom, thanks for encouraging me to grow a little chest hair.
Goats are to me what horses are to my mom, and I met my first goats at Collins Farm on Vancouver Island, BC. Bob and Ann introduced me to the joys and toils of farming life, and to Andrea I owe a lifetime supply of goat milk.
I suppose we should thank Captain Dave for getting the two of us together on that crab fishing boat. Couples who are seasick together, stay together.
Here in Eugene, we have an amazing community. Rachel and Keith (not to mention the goats and chickens) at NettleEdge Farm nourish our bodies and minds. The many conversations Rachel and I have had about self-sufficiency and our place in the cycles of things have shaped my world view and strengthened my resolve to do more with less.
Conversations with Bob and Arlene Jones from The Farm on St. Mathias, Hannah's parents Brenda and Matt, my friends Sara, Silvia and Hilary, and my father (even though he'd still prefer it if I stayed home) have also been mind-opening and inspiring.

Hannah: First and foremost, a thank you to my parents for encouraging all my crazy ideas and dreams. Thank you both for having creative and original minds and inspiring mine to do the same. And for instinctively knowing when to support and love me when it's needed the most.
To Bob and Arlene: for trusting and loving me as is. And for guiding me towards a path where I have an opportunity to play the part of a hero with my life.
Thank you to my dear friend Shayla, who planted the bug of travel in my heart.
And to all my friends for sharing their adventurous and inspiring stories.

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