Wish List

As we cross the southern states, we're feeling the heat and wishing we were better equipped.
We have the feeling that our cheap sunglasses aren't actually protecting our retinas from UV rays.
A couple of long-sleeved cycling jerseys would be good for two reasons: sun protection, and they have pockets in which to keep dog biscuits. Dog biscuits? Yes, we hear there are are vicious dogs along our route and the best way to fend 'em off is to distract them with a treat and then pedal like mad.
Contact us for a more detailed description of what we're looking for if you would like to donate!


We are always accepting donations of open-pollinated seeds to expand our mobile seed bank.

You can also help us out by putting us in touch with friends along the route. We could use places to stay and connections with folks who can help us organize a blog talk or slideshow.

Check back here every so often for more requests.