Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sustenence and Saddle Sense

We've been published on the Brooks England Blog! Brooks makes the best leather saddles available and they were kind enough to offer us a good discount on our saddles when we told them about Food Cycles Bicycle Tour. Here's the first couple of paragraphs, and a link to the full post!

Every Brooks saddle owner has had this experience. You pull up in front of the store, school or work and some non-cyclist approaches you to gawk at your saddle. It’s sleek, they say, but where’s the padding? You couldn’t pay me to sit on that thing!
On our tour through the southern United States, my partner Hannah and I have these interactions frequently. But the odd looks we receive outside the grocery store are nothing compared to those we receive inside. Passing on the fried chicken, ramen noodles and “sports” drinks, we stock up on eggs, prunes and salad greens, then refuse the plastic bag at the checkout line. We know we’re marking ourselves as weirdos – but hey, we already did that when we walked in with spandex on our bodies and metal in our shoes.

Since we left the progressive west coast and began heading across the southwestern deserts, we’ve stuck out like sore thumbs, but that’s okay. Seeking out pockets of the local food movement across the “Belly of America”, we’ve also found a new definition for the term “eating sustainably”. It’s how we keep ourselves moving forward day after day, to complete our goal of riding 6,000 miles in six months.

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